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Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday, Monday. After a girl's weekend out with my friends, I feel like my internal clock is having a meltdown. We didn't get to bed until after 2 a.m. both nights, but my brain likes to wake me up at 6 a.m. ALWAYS. I seriously pine for the days when I could sleep until noon. Teenagers have a pretty sweet setup.

But I did have a good time and I definitely did some major shopping, so I'm happy. I also ate a crapload of food and was introduced to the Whole Foods cookie bar so yeah. That happened.

It was still a little chilly on Thursday when we headed out on our adventure, and we were supposed to spend the night in the city, so I layered up accordingly:

Jacket: Calvin Klein (here and 50 percent off) Not only did I wear this again, but I completely badgered my friend Ellen into buying it too. Everyone needs it. Also, I bought this jacket, without realizing that I totally listed it as an option for jackets last week. I got home and was looking at my blog stats and was like "Hey, that's the jacket I bought on Thursday night!" I'm amazing.... ly oblivious.
Holy crap this explanation got really long.
Shirt: Gap (here)
Jeans: Calvin Klein (here as per usual and they are 40 percent off right now ahh!)
Boots: Call it Spring Milada (also on sale)
Scarf: H&M (my brother bought it for me) (similar) (so cheap)

Of course, by the time I'd tried on like, 9,000 things, I ditched the jacket and got tangled in the scarf. But it started out looking super cute, right? Also, my beloved boots are the best shopping shoes. I wore them for two days of marathon shopping and my feet only got sore around like, 6 p.m. the second day. That's gotta be a record.

Now I have some time to play dress-up -- er, I mean catch up on work. My room is currently just a mess of bags and tags so I should probably do something about that too. 



Nora Bradshaw said...

Whoa! You're still able to wear a jacket? It's not blazing hot, middle of summer temps here yet, but being in the 80s means that t-shirts feel best!

Jae said...

We had a super weird cold front move in last week where the highs were in the 60s! I've never seen anything like it. Of course, it's totally back to the 90s now, so it was definitely a short-term thing.

lollipop4598 said...

You need to realize that you look exactly like a mom..or at least like someone in a serious style rut. Low rise jeans are OVER. I haven't worn them in four years. They look stupid, make legs look short, make the ass a long wide rectangle…but mostly dark wash low rise IS the MOM JEAN of today. It means you have not paid any attention to style for half a decade at least.

avril leon said...

What kind of jeans do you wear, lollipop?

Nora Bradshaw said...

Yeah, frothing at the mouth isn't such a great look on you, either, lollipop.

It makes you look a little crazy.

Jae said...

Bahaha oh how did I miss this?

What kind of jean should I wear if I want to be angry at complete strangers on the Internet? Just wondering because you seem to be the expert.

Jae said...

PS, These CK skinnies have an 8.5 inch rise, which is fairly high, so now I have mental pictures of someone walking around with jeans pulled up to their armpits shouting "IT'S CALLED FASHION LOOK IT UP."

Nora Bradshaw said...

Many years ago, a friend of mine was at a Dairy Queen in Detroit. A woman who was a few people ahead of him in line wasn't able to get the onion rings that she ordered. After the employee closed the window on the obscenity-screaming woman, she punched it with her first, then grabbed a piece of glass and tried to stab someone behind her.

Lollipop reminded me of this story. High-rise pants are her onion rings. You are the random stabbing victim.

Jae said...

Hahaha priorities, Nora. I mean, I would prefer not to be the stabbing victim, but we all have our causes.

Nora Bradshaw said...

"... now I have mental pictures of someone walking around with jeans pulled up to their armpits...."

Empire-waist jeans are the new normal.

avril leon said...

I'm in such a bad mood. My jeans waistband is stuck in the underwire of my bra. So, yeah.

Heidi J said...

I looked at the picture again, and the waistband isn't even visible. What is lollipop even talking about? Very odd. It seems to me that the latest fashion rules are that there ARE no rules. Everything goes. Except snobby dismissiveness - that's SO 2009.

Jae said...

I officially have the best readers ever.


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