Summer Style: Boat Shoes

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Okay, so we all know that around July I start getting really sick of flip flops. This year, I decided to do a preemptive strike against summer shoe boredom by buying some cute alternatives that I could wear with shorts and summer dresses.

I bought these boat shoes a few months ago:

And when I bought them, I was like "Meh, I guess I'll get these." And that "meh" soon turned into "OMG I love these shoes everyone should have them forever and ever."

I get the fact that it's a boat shoe and who really cares, but I seriously wear these almost every single day. Not only are they super comfy, but they go with everything ever. And there are tons of adorable options all over the budget scale.


So, not surprisingly, I'm now super into boat shoes for summer. Check out my summer uniform lately: A button up, rolled bermudas and boat shoes. How simple and girl-next-door is this?


Yeah, it's not groundbreaking, but when the idea of trying to build yet another outfit out of your Old Navy flip flops makes you physically ill, you'll thank me.

Alright, sound off: How do you feel about these guys? I'm kind of over my TOMS, so I feel like this is a nice alternative, right? 


Leigh said...

I have a long, narrow foot and boat shoes make my feet look like actual boats, so these are out for me. I got a pair of Free Water shoes for Christmas, though (these in red, sorry I don't know how to do a link here: and I LOVE them. I wear them instead of sandals any time my pedicure isn't up to date.

Nora Bradshaw said...

Looks like you should be vacationing on Martha's Vineyard with these shoes.

You prepster, you.

avril leon said...

In sunny Scotland, we unfortunately don't get much wear out of summer shoes. Buuut I have to buy beautiful sandals every year and this year have just bought my new pair for 2014! They are snakeskin looking on the back with jewelled straps in the front, oh yeah thinking of you with the snakeskin, Jae! I wear those slipper/loafer/flats when it rains or is cold and was only just coming round to the idea of Toms, have I missed the boat (pun intended)?

Heidi J said...

Boat shoes ... hmm ... I should try them. Am addicted to wedges (chalk it up to height deficiency syndrome) but I did recently get the Roxy Ventura Star Sport Flat, which I do feel cute in. I'm a sucker for stars.

Jae said...

I am loving all these shoe suggestions! Those Free Waters are suuuuper cute.

And Nora, I am totally a (not-so) closet prep.

Avril, I think Toms are still pretty awesome, but mine totally fell apart and I don't feel like I'm be coughing up the $90 to get another pair, you know?

Allison Hill said...

I'm sorry. Boat shoes I'll give you with the right outfit, but there is no excuse for Toms. Ever. Unless perhaps your only other option was furry uggs in July.

IandS said...

Ooh, I LOVE my boat shoes. I bought the same Roxy pair but in a light blue denim look a year or 2 ago. Super cute AND super comfy - YEAH!!!!

John A. Villalobos said...

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