Freaky Friday

Friday, June 27, 2014

 There must have been something in the water, because three readers sent me weird Lycra creations screened with body parts. There's a sentence you don't say twice.

Sarah sent this to me, which says "I may look sexy, but I'm also making poop right now." 

 Lindsay sent me this one, which would come in handy if you wanted an instant six pack. 
And also to be followed around by Hannibal Lector. 

 Cari sent me this and was like "Check out that thigh gap!" I'm sensing a new trend this season: Femur gap. So hot right now. 

 What may be the ugliest purse that 100 percent looks like it was hocked up by my parent's cat, Mo. She's scared of everything and lives in the basement and only comes out once a day to eat and glare at you like you're going to sexually harass her before retreating back to the storage room. 

 Y'know, for your side job as a party clown. 

 For some reason, this shirt reminds me of this

 How. HOW. Can harem pants be getting uglier over time? This is not OK. That isn't a drop crotch. It's a drop shin. 

Hey sassy scarecrow, whatcha doin'? Standing sassily even though you look like a cat toy? That's cool. 

You guys, I wasn't feeling all that great so I stayed home in my pajamas and watching like, seven episodes of Drop Dead Diva. I feel bad for my children so I have to go take them somewhere fun today, le sigh. And by somewhere fun, I obviously mean somewhere they can have fun while I pursue a relationship with my Kindle. It's meaningful.

Happy weekend, friends! 


avril leon said...

I got confused looking at all the anatomical swimsuits so when I saw the harem pants, I was trying to figure out which body parts the design was of. Also, I feel that they missed a trick, they should have a cover up with layers of dermis and pubes. There's a sentence I hadn't thought I'd ever say. I'm dying to know if these are stylish body part swimsuits or not - lollipop, can you help?

Nora Bradshaw said...

Avil: ha! You know, if you say "lollipop" three times, she will appear.

Nobody in this post say the "l" word again.

avril leon said...


Heidi J said...

Love the article, love the comments. Thank you, internet friends! Perfect way to start my Saturday.


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