What I Wore: Best of 2013

Monday, January 6, 2014

So I totally haven't gotten the hang of being back on schedule again. Which is weird because my schedule and I are like, BFFs. But this is the first time I've been able to sit at my computer all day. I know this means I need to start getting up early again and this makes me sad and tired. Especially when I just want to stay up late and watch The Bachelor. Women are insane.

Anyway, while I get myself situated and catch up on my DVR, here's a little roundup of some of 2013's best outfits according to myself. It's also fun to see my addiction to hair dye in pictures.

That time I wore cowboy boots and a tutu because I can.
When I looked like I was in a White Snake video and ran through a parking lot barefoot. 
Basically my favorite skirt ever. Also, a classy way to say "LOOK AT MY BUM."
White dresses are my jam.
Monochromatic looks make me happy. Almost as happy as shopping my feelings.
Speaking of which, that time I went on a four-day shopping bender.
When I got sick of mint and peach as a color combo.
The holy grail of dresses. And long hair.
I have crazy eyes in this picture. They're almost as ridiculous as those shoes.
I love this dress almost as much as not blow drying my hair.
My uniform. Did I tell you that a bunch of 18 year old boys liked this outfit? Because they did.
My fave purchase of 2013. This dress makes my husband uncomfortable.

So, now it's your call. Entering another year, what do you want to see around here? I feel like you realllly like beauty reviews, so I have some on the docket, but what else? More outfit ideas? Maternity stuff? More plus size ideas? Speak now or forever hold your peace and by that I mean don't send me angry emails.

Because let's not forget Yoko-gate. I have a lot of "gates." And hate mail. One day I shall post them.

Also, this Friday will be 2013's worst trends, so if there's something that's totally getting your goat, let me know.


Jeanne said...

More plus size...PLEASE more plus!
:) Also what to wear when jeans are so very uncomfortable. Seriously. I hate jeans. But I can't (and won't) live in yoga pants. And I'm afraid of the maxi dress clinging to my large belly making me look extra pregnant.

Now you know my main fashion woes. Help.

Maggie said...

yes more plus size! But even if you don't I'll still love you! lol

Jae said...

Jeanne and Maggie, we can do that! I'm feeling another plus size week coming on ohhh yeah.

Paul and Nelda said...

Oh yes more maternity fashion advice if you please. So badly needed. I love your blog!

Nora Bradshaw said...

I like the elbow patches!

Idea for future post--finding colors that work for you? It makes a big difference. For example, anything brown looks atrocious on me. Before I figured out it was the color itself, I would think it was my makeup, or that it was somehow ME.

Fashion magazines typically get this wrong. They tell you that having "golden" undertones means you have a "warm" complexion, but it's the opposite.

Jae, I remember you complained once that you needed foundation that was pink, not yellow-based. That's because you have warm coloring. That's why red hair looks fantastic on you and gaggish on me.

Jae said...

Nora, yeah I would love you to explain that to EVERY makeup artist that tries to talk me into yellow foundation. Every time. Drives me nuts. Now I practically have to run into the Bare Minerals store and grab my pink foundation before they can say anything to me.

But that's a reaaaaallly good post idea!


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