Freaky Friday: Worst of 2013

Friday, January 10, 2014

 Aww yeah I'm about to have some fun today. Not only is in Freaky Friday but my kids are off school so my friends and I plan to turn 'em loose at the trampoline gym while we gossip. So I'm pretty pumped for that.

And today's an extra special Freaky Friday because I'm about to wrap up the absolute worst trends of 2013. I am so glad to see these go. Like harem pants, they'll go down in history as serious "WTH did Kim Kardashian actually wear that?"

Let's do it.

 "Music Festival Fashion"
 ...because someone spent a lot of money to look that poor.

"Flatforms Platform Shoes"

...that are flat and make your feet look like huge boats that allow you to walk on water.

"Crop Top Shirts"

 And how I feel when I see a cute shirt in the store but pick it up to find out it's two inches long and like, nine feet wide.

 "Animal Sweaters"

Seriously, I could not be MORE over grown women dressing in Garanimals. Also, those shorts.

"Fashion Ball Caps"

What you actually look like:
 (Seriously just wear a normal hat like everyone else so you don't look like a Fly Girl.)

 "Sheer Dresses" (I blame Gwyneth)

 Yeah, there's these really cool new things called underpants and they make it so you don't show your ladybits to the world.

 "High-Low Skirts"

 Because I feel like a Peeping Tom every time someone wears this.

 "Sneaker Wedges" (Thanks Andrea for sending these over!)

I will admit I enjoyed a brief moment in time where I wondered if these could be a thing. Then I found out Beyonce had these made in ostrich, croc and stingray skin and I was like oh honey no. Do you WANT to get abused by PETA?

 Not even Bey can make that work.

Those are my worst ones for the year...  did I miss any?


Lauren said...

Ugh! I hate the mullet dresses!

Jae said...

Seriously, I think this was the second year they were on this list. Can they just die already?

Brianna Keen said...

I guess the regular old leather/suede wedge sneakers weren't good enough for her? Seriously, it's like "what crazy and ridiculous things can we spend money on today?"

Emily said...

I would have to add the high-waisted shorts that are so short you'd need a bikini wax to wear them. Oh... with pockets hanging out for good measure.

Jenifer said...

And for the record, I blame Gwyneth for just about everything.

Jae said...

As you should, Jenifer.


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