What I Wore: Mixed Up

Monday, February 13, 2012

How was everyone's weekend? In case you were wondering, I DID go see The Vow (with girls -- my husband has his limits) and then I bought some amazing shoes. I was all set to wear said amazing shoes when I woke up to a foot of snow outside. The shoes I bought were peeptoe. So I have to retool and wear some trusty boots instead.

I've posted about pattern mixing before, and here is how I do it. I love love this wrap dress but it can be a little boring. It fits like a glove so I keep it around and usually use different accessories to make it more interesting. I was doing my laundry the other day and realized that my scarf and tights had the exact same color palette and I was really more excited than anyone should ever be about scarves and tights. REGARDLESS, they worked to make my wrap dress less of a snooze-fest.

Scarf: Somewhere in the mall... I think Vanity? lol
Dress: Max Studio
Belt: Walmart WHAT
Tights: Target
Boots: Crystal
Ring: Inspired Silver

In case you haven't noticed, I have pretty specific tastes. I love the idea of mixing patterns but I don't ever want to look like I'm pulling off some uber hipster granny chic thing. So keeping the patterns in the same color family and positioning them on a foundation color like this dusky brown kinda tones down the "quirky" factor. Like, I'm pretty quirky in my personality but I don't like to dress quirky.

Even though we all know I have a Liger shirt.

But other than that...


These boots are my famous "NICU" boots. The ones that I wore the day after having my baby and my legs swelled to massive proportions and I couldn't walk anymore. Oh, vanity, why do you treat me so badly? I ended up having to make my mom run into a store to buy some flats. But when I'm not like, 12 hours postpartum, I love the way they fit.

Alright, I just finished a ruthless Pilates class and kind of want to eat everything in sight so I'd better go get something quasi healthy before I undo my good work. So hungryyyyy.

Is butter a carb? (Name that movie!!)


Jessica said...

"Mean Girls". So many great lines.

Jae said...

Hahaha Boom! I totally watched it on Friday and was STILL laughing out loud every 30 seconds. Comedic genius.

Marisa said...

Vanity is a store I try to hit every time I visit Utah, always something great for cheap! Also, how awesome are those Max Studio dresses, it seems like every time I go to Nordstrom Rack I end up leaving with one!

Jae said...

I totally got this one at Nordstrom Rack! Actually, my mother in law found it first and it didn't fit so I snagged it. lol. SO glad I did!

Paige said...

I think you need to do a post about around vs. under. For men it could be: A belt goes AROUND your waist, not UNDER your butt. For women, could you PLEASE run an intervention about the difference between empire waist items going UNDER your bosoms, not AROUND them!!! Please help these women!!


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