What I Wore: Impulse Buy

Monday, February 27, 2012

I am the worst when it comes to impulse buying. I just get super distracted by everything else that I see. Then I have what I call "non-buyer's remorse," where if I don't buy something I like, I lament over it for days. The two combined are not a pretty picture. On Friday I was shopping for earrings and other accessories when I came across this skirt and it literally just jumped into my bag. I don't even know what happened. It was just meant to be. Especially because I found it at F21 and shopping there is one of the most frustrating experiences of life. My kids were running around and hiding in racks, the music is always too loud and everything is neon. So when I find something there that I like, I buy it immediately and get the heck out of the store.

The shoes were an impulse buy when I was shopping with some friends a few weeks ago. It was finally non-snowy enough for me to actually wear them, so it was a good day by my measure. I'm easy to please mostly.


Sweater: GAP
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Delicious
Earrings: Local
Cuff watch: Gucci
Rings: lia sophia, Tiffany

Because the skirt was so interesting on its own, I kept everything else super simple. No belts or scarves or other crazy stuff. Just me, my impulse leather skirt and the open road. But not really. Also, I've had this sweater forevvvvvver. I don't wear it very often but I super love the color.


How much fun are these? But you know what wasn't fun? These hurt. I made it through three hours and then was like GET THEM OFF OF ME. But it was totally worth it.

My son wanted to show you his muscles. I wanted to show you my most attractive face EVER and my messy kitchen. Mission accomplished.

Never fear, though. I did actually buy some of the stuff that I was shopping for on Friday. This week is slammed with my daughter's birthday party and a benefit for the hospital that I volunteer with. I'll be on my feet all night, so these shoes are definitely out.

Even I have my limits. Shoe shopping anyone?

Also, was anyone else watching the Oscars just for the dresses? I loved Natalie Portman's vintage Dior and Michelle Williams' dress, but was Gwyneth Paltrow for real wearing a cape? Also, how badly did Angelina Jolie want you to know that she had a slit in her dress? Every single picture and even on stage it was like "Oh this? This is just my crotch-high slit NBD." I'll do a better roundup on Friday, but for real. Who was your favorite?


ChiChi said...

OMG...so many things to comment on! first...I LOVE that skirt and totally agree about the F21 and kids. It's hard for me to go there unless I find myself with only one or none at all. Second...I have that Gap sweater in brown! It's at least 6 years old right? I wore it in my engagement pics...that's the only reason I know! Third...if a bag on your counter constitutes a "messy kitchen"...then girl..you might think I'm a hoarder. And last...uuuggghhh that Angelina. She used to be pretty...now she's just seriously obnoxious. Not to mention she DID NOT have to show me eh skeletal leg since I saw practically all her junk just from her walking across the stage. But I would def say there were tons of hits last night and just a few misses. LOVED Octavia Spencer's dress. She just looked so sweet.

Morgan -Ing said...

Natalie Portman was my fave! And And Angelina, bad. And she's WAY too thin. And I loved the guys she gave the award to made fun of her slit-stance.

And that skirt of yours? Gorg. I had one once but it got too big (tragic) so I donated it.

Jae said...

ChiChi you are my face. ANd yes I have had that sweater for super long, probably six years. I figure it just means I have good taste because it's not out of style yet! lol.

I loved Octavia's dress too! And Cameron Diaz, even if I feel like she's aged badly. And Jennifer Lopez was oookay but I Hated her hair. I would have liked it with loose waves instead.

Morgs, those guys were awesome. More people should have the guts to mock the Jolie-Pitts in public. lol!! Poor thing always looks like a wax figurine to me.

Nathaly Blalock said...

When Angelina was presenting the hubs and I both gasped at the same time at her skeleton arms. Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams definitely stood out as the best dressed. I hate when Jennifer Lopez does her hair super slicked back like that. Her dress would have been better without the arm cutouts. Didn't like Sandra Bullock's dress either.
Lookin' hot in that skirt!

Jae said...

Nat we sooo agree. You know that J-Lo was thinking "Que?" with her slicked-back hair. And yeah, Sandra... heavy sighhhh. The thing about Angie's slit is that it's supposed to be all sexay and all you see is this bony leg poking out. It was terrible.


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