What I Wore: Casual Red + Black Friday

Monday, November 28, 2011

When I thought up this outfit I wanted some way to wear my red skinnies that wasn't so "Zzzzzomg LOOK AT ME I HAVE RED PANTS!" Pairing them with a button down and sheer sweater made them traditional enough that I wore them to my daughter's kindergarten Thanksgiving feast.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we're on full steam ahead for Christmas, I've turned my house upside down to basically look like Santa's workshop. So if it feels like it's a bit stingy on pictures today, it's because I spent all weekend shopping and decorating.

I did a lot of this (GLITTERRRRRR)

And some of this (Christmas definitely barfed on my house)

A little of this.

And a lot of this. The kids were interested for exactly 4.5 seconds.

Oh well! Now I'm onto festivities. I know I already asked on my Facebook page, but I want to know if you braved the crowds for Black Friday. I went out around 5am Friday but didn't want to do the whole "Open at Midnight" business. Also, I did mall shopping on Saturday and *might* have grabbed a few things for myself. I'm excited to show you guys! I also convinced my sister in law to both try on and BUY skinny jeans, so it was kind of a productive weekend.

Now onto a productive week before I head up to Canada for a little while. Today's task: Get my six inch roots taken care of. WIN!


Angela said...

OK, I totally heart your house.

Jae said...

One word: sawdust.

Morgan -Ing said...

I saw some red skinnies at Tarjay the other day and thought, "Hmmmm....." but did not take the plunge. I haven't decided yet. You're converting me into someone who cares about fashion. How did this happen, Jae? Next! You have to convert into someone who has homebirths. Then our twinness remains intact. ;)

Misty said...

You should really stop doing stuff like this, because now not only are you going to have to take me clothes shopping, you're also going to have to take me house shopping. I'm sorry, but you've brought it on yourself.

Jae said...

MOooorgan come to the daaaaark side! You can totally pull of colored skinnies. And BTW, now that I am done having kids I am TOTALLY pro home births. Everyone should do them!

Misty, let's go shopping! I'll even pretend not to notice your forehead hair.

Misty said...

Ignoring the forehead hair... that's true charity. You should be so proud of me because I'm accessorizing it with a nasty chin hair. Maybe your next post should be about what to wear when you're slowly becoming a man. But that post would probably just involve wearing a noose and accessorizing with razor blades. So nevermind.


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