What I Wore: Cowgirl Up!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I was running late the other day and OF COURSE the batteries in my camera were dead and OF COURSE my husband was late getting home from work, so these outfit pictures were taken by my five year old... with my iPhone. Quality. Always quality.

Anyway, when I bought these cowboy boots in the summer of 09, I was involved in a deep and abiding love affair that lasted until Christmas, when I got my fave Fryes. I don;t think I wore my cowboys for an entire year after that. Slowly they're making their way back into my normal rotation. I do love them with skinny jeans because they're the perfect height and super comfortable. Seriously. They are so comfortable. I think everyone should have a fun pair of boots. It's my dream to go hang out in an old timey honky tonk one of these days. Even though I grew up in the city, I love me some boot stompin'!

That's what happens when you live in a cornfield, people.

Top: I haven't got the slightest clue. It's one of those pieces I've had for years and years and years yet I don't ever remember buying it. Ever.
Knit vest: Urban Trend
Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch
Boots: Soda
Earrings: Local boutique
Ring: F21

I believe I featured this ring on the site a few times before I finally went and just bought it. I love its awesome gaudiness and the blue is the perfect pop for literally any other color. The earrings I picked up at a crafty-type boutique. Love supporting the fashion little guy!

So I think my kindergartner did OK with the pictures. I promise the real camera is back for next week's post. I already took the shots of my blue shoes that I wore yesterday. They were epic.


Anonymous said...

Love the ring! I never remember where I buy anything, either.

Jenna said...

You go girl!

Morgan -Ing said...

Love the earrings!

Jae said...

Morgs, I'm pretty sure I got them from Quilted Bear. How random is that. Fact: I will find something to buy for myself at ANY store.

Lindsay said...

I've been dying to buy a pair of boots for SO long now! I could never justify it because I lived in AZ, flip flop year round!! Now that we moved to CO I'm looking for a pair! Woo Hoo!! Any suggestions on finding the "right" pair for me?

Jae said...

Lindsay, try on lots and buy a couple of cheapo pairs before you invest in a pricey set! Once i find myself wearing my cheapies day after day I can justify spending a little more coin on a serious pair!

Peter and Lindsay said...

Thanks Jae! I found a cute pair at Walmart this morning! Only $25! I figured that's a good starting point! :)

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