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Friday, July 15, 2011

In my quest to make fun of stuff of a daily basis, I usually come across things that aren't so much funny as they cause me to gasp audibly or shake my head. My favorite part is that not only did someone actually create these monstrosities, but actually attempted to try and get people to PAY MONEY for them. Oh, poor weird product creators. Instead, you're sentenced to a life of being ridiculed by fashion bloggers until the end of time.

Plastic cowboy rainboots. When you want a little more flair for shoveling poop out of stalls. Don't worry, at least the horses will be SUPER impressed.

The swimsuit hoodie. If I had a nickle for every time my legs, arms, butt and chest are warm but my head was freezing, I'd probably get a job.

This could be the most idiotic thing I've ever seen. So they're gloves... with "Yes" and "No" written on them so you can use hand signals to talk to your friends. Problem is, you probably don't have any if you're wearing these. Because your friends would have all gotten tired of the fact that NODDING was too difficult for you.

Couple things here: When would you ever walk around with this on your face? Also, I believe Mario was Italian. This is awkward.

Also, I might have a Princess Peach shirt because I'm a Nintendo nerd. Contemplating cutting holes in it so I can wear it over my face.

Oh, hey Crocs. Thanks for ruining anything remotely cool, like feet or the iPhone. If I was Apple, I'd sue for defamation.

Hey! Turn your hand into baby's favorite toy! And never have a life! Just stand there with your hand out while your baby uses you as a play thing! Then, go into a deep depression! YAY!

Waitaminute! Are you telling me I can wear JUST the bacon, JUST the eggs, or THE BACON AND THE EGGS TOGETHER? Two points for innovation, plastic earring makers of the world!

Also, where were these on my anniversary? Rawr!

So one of my brothers spends a lot of time in Japan and loves him some toe socks to wear with his sandals. But this is just lazy. Are real flip flops really that much of a hassle? Also, why are all the toenails painted? Sexist socks!

If a guy came up to me wearing this jacket, I wouldn't hesitate to find the "Esc" button. HAHAHA I kill me.

Does anyone feel a draft? Or just wildly awkward and uncomfortable?

Cigarette socks. Toe ash - it's so hot right now.

This shoe has a ponytail. It looks like Madonna and it haunts my dreams at night. IT HAS HAIR.


Also, a reader sent me this link the other day, for Brants - Bra/Pants. Oh how I wish it were real so I could buy them as gag gifts for all of my friends. Super freakin' hilarious, actually. I love submissions, so drop me a line or post on my fan page if you find something totally WTF-worthy!

Happy weekend, friends!


Ann said...

Love, love, love your blog. The "Brants" commercial made me laugh so hard. It also reminded me of something I heard about on a podcast a few weeks ago: junderpants. If you haven't yet, go google it...on an empty stomach.

Lisa-Lou-Who said...

I am laughing HYSTERICALLY at the haaaaaaaaaaaaaair shoe. The Brants were awesome too.

Jae said...

Seriously, if Brants were real, people would totally buy them. Like the Kardashians. I just know it!!

dwija said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bequi said...

I think the worst part about the gloves, is I'd have to check my hand every time I got ready to raise it to make sure I had the right one.

Also, the Brants lady is a superb dancer!


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