The Shopping Diet

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's no secret that I love to shop. Obviously. And for some reason, it's always on a Friday. I just love the festivity of doing something fun and indulgent on Fridays to signify the end of another week. So that usually leads to my buying things for myself and OCCASIONALLY for my children.

But the month of May is a different story. Every May, I put myself on a shopping diet because I know Memorial Day is coming up. And Memorial Day is like Black Friday except for clothes instead electronics. Plus there's less overall trampling. Since I know that I'll probably go over my monthly shopping budget in one day, I stop buying things completely. For people who hate to shop, it's like "So what?" But for me, it's KILLER.

Yesterday I was getting dressed and I was so annoyed at everything in my closet. I was bugged that I didn't have anything new in rotation and had to make do with what I had. Which I KNOW is ridiculous because if you've ever seen my closet, you know that a lack of clothing is not my problem. And there are bigger problems in the world. At dinner time, if my kids won't eat, me and my husband lecture them that they have starving uncles in Africa. Because my brother legitimately lives in Botswana and is on a gluten-free diet. That is practically starving, in my opinion. I heart gluten.

So, to take up time until Saturday, I'm making a shopping list of the summer things I want to find while I'm out and about and grubbing for deals. It's the equivalent to going to the bakery while on a sugar detox. Basically I stop eating before Thanksgiving so I can binge on candied yams and pie. I don't know why I do this to myself.

On my shopping list:

Super bright summer accessories. I want to wear an arm of these with a plain white tee and walking shorts so it looks like I made an effort. (Cocobelle via Athleta)

Yellow wedges! I MUST FIND SOME. My cute sister in law came over wearing some adorbs yellow wedges and I had some major shoe envy going on. I want some of my own to wear with my white a-line skirt or khaki shorts. Plus, they'll look so cute with a tan. (Nine West)

White casual shoes. I've been wearing this pair of beat-up moccasins for like, four years and they are getting pretty grungy. It's just that I really only wear white shoes through the summer and I never think of getting a new pair when I go to get my mocs out of the closet and realize they smell and need to be glue-gunned together. (Target.)

Pretty summer dresses that I can wear with my cowboy boots all season. I love wearing dresses with scuffy, dirty boots. It's such a classic juxtaposition. Also, my country-boy husband wants to go to the Tim McGraw concert and far be it from me to be underdressed near Tim. (Jigsaw)

A preppy white or cream bag. I love to dress prep and my black bag is starting to look a little heavy for the warm weather. I'm looking for one with tons of detail. Love the two tone of this one EVEN THOUGH it is by Jessica Simpson. The girl cannot give up her Daisy Dukes and I cannot resist her shoes and bags. It's shameful on both of our parts.

I also need to get a swimsuit. I have been busting my butt at the gym lately so I don't feel the need to avert my eyes while trying them on. But I have no idea what I want. Maybe a vintage-y maillot? I shall return and report.

Is anyone else going to be on the prowl this weekend? Am I missing anything on my list?


M said...

Ahh, I also need some wedges, I am just getting back to being able to wear heels after a bad ankle injury and I have heard those are the best to start with. Any suggestions?

P.S. My word verification is WINER, I wont take it personally....

Jae said...

OMG, stop whining M. lol!! Oh I love word verification.

I would definitely start with a low wedge. Dr. Scholls even has some really cute comfy ones. Check these out:

Adorable and not crazy tall!

Morgan -Ing said...

I LOVE dresses with cowboy boots. LOVE! Dresses make me sad with the whole breast feeding thing though. I CAN'T FIND MY BOOBS! So I've been relegated to shirts/skirts for oh almost six years. SAD!

A Mormon Mommy said...

I wish I could have known about this Memorial day stuff...I just spend $100 on some new clothes! I might have gotten better deals if I would have held out for another couple of weeks. Oh well!
I did get me some super cute zebra striped wedges! I love them and they love me back! I work with the girls in my church and all of them wanted my shoes! I take that as a good sign!

Jae said...

Lol I know we shouldn't encourage coveting... But it makes you feel so darn good!
Morgs, one day you will be done churning out babies and we shall buy dresses and wear cowboy boots and be pseudo country girls together!

Chad and Amy said...

I'll use you as my excuse to go shopping this weekend K? :)

I have those shoes from target but in green and they are SO COMFY! Love them! I've debated getting the white ones but now I think I'll probably have to. Its a must!

Lauren said...

So speaking of white t-shirts... Where can I find a cute fitted tee that ISN'T see-through??? Every company makes shirts out of this tissue-thin material these days, and while it's not a huge deal when it comes to colored tops, you can't even wear a nude bra with the white ones without having to wear a cami underneath to hide it. It's so frustrating!

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Jenifer said...

OK...first, I have to say that the word verification of WINER would make me think of "one who WINES," rather than "one who WHINES." But maybe that's just because WINE is my friend...I the wedges. I'm a big girl, but I love to rock some skinnies along with a contrasting wedge. AND--target has a way cool boyfriend v-neck for 7 bucks...get ya some....:)


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