Morning Exercise...Is it Better??

Monday, February 28, 2011

Does working out in the morning give you better results? Although exercising at any time of day can bring many benefits, resent research has shown that exercising in the morning can give you an extra push.

One of the first things you may notice is that working out during the day may help you sleep better. Many people find that if they work out at night or too close to their bed time they actually have trouble sleeping. Getting a good nights sleep is definitely important to achieving any weight loss goals so a good sleep is a priority.

Another bonus to working out in the morning is that you increase you metabolism first thing and it will stay elevated for a good part of the day. Many people find it clears their minds and helps them get and stay focused for their busy day ahead.

Even with the best intentions to always get your workouts in, sometimes "stuff" just happens. Kids need to have help with something or need to be somewhere, something comes up at work and you need to stay late or you are just exhausted from a very busy day. The benefit of getting up early is that there is nothing to get in your way.

Exercising first thing gets the blood flowing through the body. This can definitely help you get some mental clarity and help you get all fired up for your work day. Whether you need to be ready for a big meeting or ready for a play date at the park, being "on" and ready you will be.

Being regular with your early morning exercise routine can be no easy task. But by being creative and consistent you can get results and be happy.

Tips for Great Early Morning Workouts

-Nothing beats a great run while the sun comes up. It's quiet, beautiful and you feel like you are all alone, just you and the world.
-Leave your car at home. Try going to work if it is a reasonable distance by bike, roller blades, or even running. Keep an extra change of clothes there so on the days you decide do this you are ready.
-Try something new. If you have never tried canoeing or kayaking or bike riding, give something new a go. You may even find something fun for the whole family.

Committed to your fitness success,

Kelly Parker


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