Freaky Friday: Freakin' Awesome

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sorry, you only get one picture for Freaky Friday today. And that's because it is so epically epic, it shall not be shared with other fashion mishaps.

To know me is to know my insane love for Conan O'Brien. When I was growing up there was a movie about teen girls who robbed a bank OR SOMETHING, I don't remember now, but one girl was totally in love with Coco and I aspire to be her every day.

And this is why:

If you watched the clip posted at the end of my jeggings post, you'd know that Conan was telling Tim Gunn how much he enjoyed the ladies wearing the jeggings. When Tim Gunn pointed out that men sometimes wear them too, Conan promised to wear them on the next show.

Yeah. I know. It's awesome.

Person who posts the funniest caption or comment wins street cred. And go!


HollyElise said...

Conan O'Brian, modeling his costume for "Robin Hood: Men in Tights 2 - Jeggings" wherein he will reprise Carey Ewles' role as the titular character.

bequi said...

Is that a wallet in your pocket, or ... nope. Definitely not a wallet.

Emily said...

I've tried to come up with something funny. I just can't take my eyes off of his freakishly long legs and the outrageously high rise on those jeggs.

If this talk show doesn't work out (I hope it does-I LOVE him!!) then I know he'll fit right in over there with Michael Flatley-Lord of the Dance.

Rebecca said...

I never knew my father.

Jae said...

Haha street cred for everyone! This is hilarious!

Manda said...

It's like a vertical mullet! (Business on top, party on the bottom!)

Also, ew :)

katrina said...

Jegging for men, package sold seperatly.

Jenna said...

"You betta hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, and hide yo' husband cuz Conan's wearin' sheer draws!"

Jae said...

Haha Katrina, I actually laughed out loud. Not just a lame lol.

Ahahaha Jenna, let's make it into a song!

Nicole said...

They look this bad on women too!

kanaboke said...

Oy Vey! All I can hear in my head is "Dontcha Wish your Boyfriend was Hot Like Me...dontCHA?!?!"

Hopeful.Romantic said...

I have a guy who comes into the library where I work, who wears pants like that all the time ... it's actually kinda freaky looking.

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