Freaky Friday

Friday, November 19, 2010

Yay Friday! I got my four year old daughter a new Melissa and Doug Chore Chart and I SWEAR it has magical powers. Something about putting those little buttons on the squares inspires her to be a baby angel. I have strategically placed all of the placards that have to do with cleaning on the chart, so my house is spotless now. But, I did promise that if she got all of her buttons for an entire week, I would take her to the dinosaur museum. I didn't realize how vigilantly she would clean my house, so I'd better come through. So, this had better be fast.

This is like, the fashion equivalent of getting toilet paper stuck in your shoe.

Not only is this shirt awful, but I have to question the style judgment of whoever put this outfit together. Like yes, we have a weird fringe shirt..... denim cutoffs! Who's mind goes to that place?

Do models ever just want to kill themselves? I wonder if this girl came to work knowing she would be subjected to camel toe, a sheer shirt AND a jedi-like robe all at once. THE HUMANITY!

I actually missed the Victoria's Secret fashion show this year... but is it suddenly OK to associate your body with something commonly known as a "pigskin?"

Ohhh yeah. Droopy bum jumpsuits forever! Also, the front of this has a contrast drawstring that makes this outfit look curiously like scrubs. I've been around the hospital too much.

Would you believe it if I told you that this shirt was SOLD OUT on the Home Shopping Network?

Of course you would.

Actually, I have a sick, sick fascination with shopping channels. I love to watch and see what they're hocking and trying to make cool. "Turkeys are just hot this year!"

When I saw these boots, I thought of an old timey western, where a cowboy pointed his gun at the other and said "NOW DANCE!" Apparently, this cowboy was not that great of a dancer.

ALRIGHT! This Snuggie thing has gone FAR ENOUGH. They are taking over the Universe!

(Thanks Charity!)

Well, I'm off to be an exemplary mom. The kind of exemplary mom who makes her small daughter load the dishwasher.

Having kids is awesome.


Charity said...

Love the toilet paper comment!! haha. And the sweater thing is just creepy! And do you know that when we were kids we bugged my mom all the time saying we were her slaves, and she told me that when I grow up and have kids I could have slaves too! She almost killed me when I recapped her on her comment years and years ago!

Jae said...

LOL Charity. I remember whining when my mom would make me go get stuff from the basement or whatever, but I hear myself asking Addie to grab my book from my room or the hairbrush from the bathroom ALL THE TIME. It's proof we all end up as our mothers.

Sheriece said...

The sweater snuggie - not only does it keep you warm, but it also makes your head look like a giant blow dryer.

Jamie said...

the sweater thingy looks like something from Doctor Who...something the aliens use to kill you.

Jae said...

I would also like to point out that she has a free hand for her drink, yet no possible way to drink it.

Jen said...

We bought that same chore chart--but I haven't started using it yet.

And no--you have not missed the VS fashion show--it airs on the 30th on CBS, I think. My sister was at the show and said it was pretty neat! (she's a manager of a VS store and was one of their top managers in the nation so her reward was a trip to NYC to see the show)

Jae said...

Haha YAY JEn, I was sad because I thought I missed it. I watch it every year. I have no idea why. Justin likes it tho.

Kara said...

If you look closely at the sweater snuggie, there is a straw in her drink!

Megan said...

I got that same M&D chart for my 5 year old a few months ago. LOVE it!

Kate said...

Today my mom was wearing this bluish gray nubby sweater and she had a soft blanket in the EXACT SAME SHADE draped over her legs. My heart skipped a beat, but good news, my mom didn't actually buy a snuggie. Phew. Holy shnit that sweater snuggie is so funny!

That fringe shirt clearly only belong with stirrup stretch pants and some slutty pumps.


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