Freaky Friday: Annual Trashy Costumes Edition 2010

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ahhh I am so very excited to share with you my top picks for the trashiest Halloween costumes. Especially since finding them was like shooting a fish in a barrel. Entire online stores are devoted to making you look like a Playmate for Halloween, it's amazing to me! Let's check out my faves and a bunch from this year!

SEE!? It's a sexy football player because it says "Sexy" on it AND the number 69. SEXY! Aaaaaand the award for subtlety goes to....

Why do trashy Halloween costumes think that by wearing a short skirt and stripper heels, it's OK to ruin your child's favorite character? Nemo? Sure! Spongebob? Yes, please! Big Bird? Where's Katy Perry!?

A-ha. The trashy gumball machine. Please note that the gumballs are dispensed from her bajingo, which I think is a special and demure touch.

This gets the award for laziest costume EVER. I enlarged it so you can see. She's a remote control. My favorite part is the "Mute" button. Does that mean she'll stop talking if I touch her boob?

Sexy Phantom of the Opera...

Wait a minute, who's that?

Uh, look trashy girl, that's cool and Imma let you finish, but Gerard Butler had one of the best phantom costumes of all time. ALL. TIME.

Thanks Yeezy.

Well that was rude.

Ah yeah, there's definitely some busting going on around here.

Don't you ruin my favorite childhood characters like that, trashy girl! Don't you put that evil on me!!

Easily my favorite. I saw this and immediately thought of Mean Girls.
"What are you?"
"I'm a MOUSE. D'uh."

By the way... I think she's supposed to be a bumblebee.

Wasn't that fun!? Have you guys seen any particularly heinous and skanktastic costumes this year? I can't wait!


Charity said...

I wish I could have taken a picture of one of the Moms that showed up at my kids school. I wanted to cover her with a housecoat it was so inappropriate for the youngins!!! Please woman, tuck those babies away before we are all tramatized with your overly large saggies!!!

Jae said...

At school? No way Charity! What was she dressed up as?

Anonymous said...

They have officially ruined Rainbow Brite for me...

Beth said...

Ha ha ha
I look forward to this post all year!

Jae- you need to do more from your closet stuff. Maybe start with your skanktastic costume you are going to be sporting this Halloween!

HollyElise said...

Love the bumblebee. Totally a Mean Girls moment.

Good grief...

I'm going as a (fully dressed) Paranormal Research Agent (Liz Sherman, pyrokinetic) from the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.
My husband is going as Hellboy.

We're gonna kick ass. =D

Jae said...

Haha... I wore a witch hat today and called it good.

It was a sexy witch.

I also saw a 60 year old woman wearing a sexy bee costume and I washed my eyes out with soap and cried myself to sleep, in that order. SHE WAS WEARING KNEE HIGHS!

Beth said...

Wait Jae, you HAVE to dress as Lady Gaga. Seriously, think of how much fun you would have!

Kaylene said...

I actually saw a girl yesterday in the female half version of a plug and outlet... I REALLY wanted to run up to her and say, do future you a HUGE favor and take that off and never put it on again! But them I remembered, if she was smart enough to put it on, and probably buy it, then she was dumb enough to know what an idiot she was going to make of herself.

Shum Girl said...

I love Gerard Butler. He was the sexiest phantom ever.

Latoya said...

Angry haters gotta hate. Some of you probably couldn't fit into any of those things yourself even if you wanted to. Probably the same reason many of you have only face pictures/glamor shots. ;P

Jae said...

I'm skinny. Being skinny doesn't automatically mean you need to skank it up this holiday season. In fact, I know a number of thin people who keep their clothes ON. Strange but true.

Unique Andlovely said...

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