An Ode to the Wedge

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not to be confused with the WEDGIE, (as a total side note, my first job when I was 15 was in a deli. We had a hot case, and whenever someone would come and order potato wedges as "wedgies" I would erupt into giggles and get the stink-eye from my lesbian manager. No really, she was actually a lesbian. But not the pretty kind.)

The last two or three pairs of shoes I've purchased have been wedges because they make me so very happy in the summer time. They are such a quick and easy way to add non-serious color to an otherwise boring outfit. Not to mention how awesome they make your legs look when worn with a skirt or a pair of bermudas. Seriously. If you're looking for something to punch up your wardrobe for summer without spending a ton of money, get the most bang for your buck and buy a seriously bright pair of wedges. A pair of lemon yellow wedges are on my radar for next purchase.

Here I've assembled a huge array of 40 pairs of awesome wedges that make me oh so happy, with prices starting at $5 (!!) and the highest being a really cute Kate Spade pair I couldn't resist at $171. Does Jae love ya, or does Jae love ya?









Astrid said...

Question - I have to wear close toed shoes for my job (and I dress casually). I would love to get some wedges, but they are all peep toe. Have you seen any with a closed toe (that don't cost an arm and a leg)?


Queen Mommy said...

LOVE several pair of those shoes....especially those red Paris Hilton peep toes, front and center.

Jae said...

Astrid; I know! There are so many more open toes. But the purple, green and orange sets all had closed toes in them. They're out there, you just have to look!

Queen; I was like wait... Paris Hilton? Ah what the heck.

Arienette said...

Oh em gee. BP Cork Wedge. It owns my soul. For realsies.
And Nordstrom deliver to the UK. OMG I hate you. I can't be your girlfriend if you keep enabling my shopping habit.

Jen.Jensen said...

I love wedges so so much!

Jen Archer said...

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Charity said...

My favourite's the Michael Antonio Women's Harriet Wedge in pink, or the cute mustard yellow. And they are only $20, AND they have free shipping for the next two days!!! Hmmm...

Debbi said...

I have, like, one in every set that I covet dearly.
LOVE the purple ruffle ones.. HOLY CRAP they are too cute.

Jae said...

= Why I LOVE Nordstrom. Buy... buyyyyyyy. I love being an enabler.

I think everyone should buy wedges today! Go!

NoGuiltFashion said...

I love wedges!!! They are so comfortable. I would live in wedges all summer long if I could.

Melissa @ Domestic Goddess In Training said...

I think i love them all!!! I am seriously in LOVE with plum colored shoes. I don't know why, but whenever a shoe comes in plum, I really have to work to convince myself I don't need more purple shoes =)

BTW - those pink ones aren't showing at $5. So sad =( I would totally buy them for $5!!!

Anonymous said...

I just got a pair of yellow wedges and they make me sooo happy!! I love that you mentioned that specifically.

Debbi said...

okay. Sad. Had to revisit this blog today. I haven't bought shoes in WAY. TOO. LONG!!!

But, you TOTALLY need to do another shoe blog- it's been months, and I need something to oogle at again.


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