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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I bet you haven't thought a lot about necklines, have you? Unless it's like, your wedding, you probably go to the store, find a shirt you like, and buy it regardless. But the neckline ultimately determines the type of accessories and body part you're featuring, so it's worth a quick look. Know what looks good on your body, and your shopping stress decreases exponentially. Instead of wandering through a giant store (*cough*F21*cough*) you can quickly pinpoint what you want and THEN eat your emotions in pretzels.

Here's a BASIC listing of neckline styles and a few cute shirts I like too.

Br-break it down... (Okay, I might have been watching Yo Gabba Gabba today. One day I'm going to take a Percocet and watch it. I bet it's HILARIOUS.)

Welp... that was a weird and honest admission on my part. TO THE CLOTHES!


Graphic V- Victoria Secret (MUST BUY IMMEDIATELY), relaxed V - American Eagle

I tend to gravitate towards v-necks because I think they are a universally flattering neckline. They open up the face by showing more skin around the chest and neck. V's are especially great if you carry a little extra weight; they create distance between your chin and chest for a thinner appearance. A word of warning though; a lot of v's are so deep you need to wear a cami under. This is fine, but wearing a cami that is too high necked can ruin the proportion of the shirt. Let's keep it low, ladies!


Raglan tee- Charlotte Russe

YAWWWWN. Oh, I'm sorry, were you talking to me? I had fallen asleep from boredom of this shirt. Hey, don't get me wrong. I own like three raglan tees and wear them when I feel tomboyish and generally adorable, but round neck shirts as a whole aren't looking to party. I understand wearing a casual round neck, but look for something to spice it up a little. Wear your round neck graphic tee with a worn blazer, or pile on a few huge necklaces. Much better. Or be like me and walk around looking like a little leaguer.


Sweetheart Tank - Tilly's

By far my favorite of the bunch, a sweetheart constitutes straight straps or shoulders and a sculpted neckline. It looks good on EVERYONE. Like, no joke. Instant pretty. Imagine this with a little navy cardigan? I die. I've also been watching too much Rachel Zoe. THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT. Another look that opens up your chest, it allows you to show a little cleave without taking a trip into ho-town, if you know what I'm saying. Pretty with earrings, you don't even need to really do anything to this to make it pretty. It's so feminine and lovely.


Square neck - French Connection

So plus size girls, listen up! You know how every time you put on a shirt, it either makes you look like you're a nun, OR trying to scare children with your bosom buddies? A square neckline is perfect for you. It shows a little skin without wandering into XXX territory. It cutts straight across the top, giving you a nice line while still offering some modest coverage. Love!


Studded tee - GoJane.com

A scoop neck is a good choice for something out of the ordinary. I really prefer it on smaller-framed girls who carry their weight in the hips and butt (ahem, me) because it balances out the width across yours hips for better proportion. It's also fun to dress up or down, depending on where you're going... with this shirt, I wouldn't touch it as far as accessories except for maybe a ring. A plainer shirt would get some awesome necklaces. Or some peacock earrings WOO!


Boat neck tee - Alloy

So bateau or boat neck shirts can be tricky to wear. If you love your neck and shoulders, go right ahead. Otherwise it can be a mess. It's a lot of fabric around the neck area, which means it's best for those with a thinner build and longer neck. It looks so pretty with earrings. If you have big boobs, move away. This will do what a turtleneck does... meaning they are going to look gargantuan. Unless that's the look you're going for. Or, if you're like me and have small boobs, wear it to fool people.

So, clear as mud? Hopefully that helps to guide your way through your next shopping trip. Incidentally mine is on Saturday. Print it off and it's like you have a little Jae in your pocket, which is helpful and not the slightest bit creepy.


Joy said...

"a little Jae in your pocket" Hahaha! I have been known to save some of your suggested photos to my iPod when I go shopping!

Jae said...

Joy, you might just make me cry. Sniff, sniff. (That's me sniffling, not sniffing crack)

Ashley said...

loved this post!


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