Giveaway Winner!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Alllllllright, I've got the name of the giveaway winner. From, the winner iiiiiiisssssss:


Bequi, shoot me an email at nomoremomjeans at gmail dot com to claim your prize. You've got 48 hours. Congrats, lady!

Thanks to everyone for entering. I love love loved doing a giveaway and will definitely do more. And thanks for joining the facebook page. Isn't is pretty and shiny? It's so awesome to be able to communicate with all of you. And it gives me an excuse to be on facebook more than I already am.

My husband thanks you.


Fzillion Manager said...

I'm totally with you in the comfort department- especially while preggo in the winter months! Your bump is adorable!
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