Thursday, October 2, 2008

K, so I have been meaning to write about accessories for a little while now, but it's just kind of weird territory because I feel like accessories are pretty personal as far as people's tastes go. I don't expect someone to have the same tastes as me, but I'll just kind of let you know what I'm into now. If you love it, great. If you don't, that's cool too.

The best part about accessories is that there are more "right" ways to do them than wrong. So really, you shouldn't be too afraid. I am telling you, before I got married I NEVER wore any type of jewelry. Through high school, I was mostly a tomboy, and owned a pair of DONKEY MITTENS. That's right. Mittens that looked like donkey puppets. And of course, I thought that was pretty much the height of fashion. When I met and was dating my future husband, he introduced me to very sparkly things and I became addicted. In fact, I got my ears pierced on my 21st birthday.

I know you're all GASPING in astonishment. For as girly as I am now, it took a long time to get there. Now I love messing around with adding things to an outfit. Here are my tried and true rules for jewelry and accessorizing.

-Pick out your jewelry after you've been fully dressed. I know the feeling when you really want to wear a piece, and load it on and it's just too much. Don't plan it, play by ear.

-Don't spend much on accessories. The point of accessories is to change an outfit. So spend more on a classic outfit, and change it up by adding a necklace or a scarf or something to make it trendier. I hardly ever spend more than $15 on one.

-Don't over do it. My personal rule is to place jewelry away from each other. For instance, I'll never do earrings and a necklace together, it's too much for me. But I'll do earrings and a bold bracelet, or a necklace and a few rings.

K, I'll show you some pieces that are out right now that I am loving. Some stuff I am in love with now: Bold cocktail rings, layered necklaces, chain link bracelets, etc. And I usually wear silver, I just don't have a good skin tone for gold. So, sorry gold lovers.

I would totally buy this bracelet because it's versatile. And I love it's not super chunky and heavy like the cuffs we've been seeing as of late.

Earrings. Now, my personal rule is to choose and earring shape opposite to your face shape to balance it out. For instance, if you have a longer more oblong face shape, don't choose long drop-type earrings, pick a rounder shape. My face is round and slightly heart shaped, so I choose longer earrings. I am SO over chandaleir earrings, after everybody and their mother snapped them up. But I love the ones above and these ones:

I love stuff that has a bit of interest to it. The charms on these earrings are awesome, and will have nice movement in the ear.

Necklaces are probably what I buy most often when I'm out shopping. I just love that you can wear a white tee and some jeans, and then pick the right necklace and BAM it's something special all of a sudden. This was my latest purchase:

It's totally layered and weighs like ten pounds, but when I don't feel like dressing up, I wear something normal and put this on. Love. Plus my daughter loves playing with it.

If you're not feeling the charms but like the idea of layering, go with something a little more simple.

I love the idea of this with a black tank, little blazer combo. It's a little rock and roll-ish, which would be awesome if you're feeling like your outfit is just a little too sweet.

And again, I love interesting details like this little pocket watch. I'd wear this with a deep v-neck. Remember, the point of accessories is to add interest to an outfit. If it doesn't do that, don't wear it.

Rings - I don't wear them a ton because I usually just wear my wedding set, but if I do wear a ring, I like it to be big. And I love to juxtapose something really cutesy with something not. Like this adorable bow ring with a harder edged outfit.

And finally, my favourite accessory of all, the clutch. I will have to take some time and write a whole post on clutches. I'll also have to do sunglasses, but they both need a whole day to themselves. But can I just say PLEASE look into a clutch? As a mom, nothing makes me happier when i can go out with just myself and not lug around a whole diaper bag full of gear? Instead I grab my sleek little clutch and instantly look awesome. I love this one:

It even has pockets for everything, and a tiny little mirror. And I promise you, you will feel insta-glam. BUY ONE. You know what? Next week we'll focus on them and by next weekend you'll all have your little clutches and be thanking me ceaselessly.

So yeah, have fun with accessories. Don't spend alot, but choose pieces with alot of impact. If you pick up a piece, ask "K, will someone even notice if I have this on?" If the answer is NO, put the thing down. Life is too short.

Oh, and stay away from stuff like this. You have way too much self respect.


Sara said...

SE XY....ahhh hahahahah

Dear Santa- I want se-xy earrings for Christmas.

Lisa B said...

Hey! What's wrong with the SEXY earrings? I have the matching SASSY bracelet! lol.

Will you tell me where you found those cool necklaces? More specifically the one with all the chains?

Jae said...

Hahaha I knew you'd get a kick out of those HOT earrings. The matching hair barettes says "Crack" and "Whore".

lol. Everything on here was either from Buckle or Forever 21. The chain necklace was Forever 21 and the one with all the charms was Buckle. All online. YAY.


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